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Where should I start?

Most first-time users will want to perform a search to see what is already listed in their area. Searching doesn't require an account, just click the SEARCH tab and fill in the information for the area you are interested in.

What's the difference between a community and a city? Aren't they the same thing?

At IntroIn, a community means an apartment community or complex. It can be a single building, duplexes, condos, or separate units. Community is just a catchall for any rental.

What browser do I need to access IntroIn?

IntroIn will work with any browser. You may have to enable cookies to navigate the site.

What do I do if I lose/forget my password?

On the login screen, you will see a forgot password? link. Press it, provide your email and we will send you a new password. Once you log in with the new password, you can change it by clicking the My Personal Info button in the My Account area.

How do I get to my account?

After you login, you will be taken to the My Account page. More on the My Account page appears below.


The community I'm interested in isn't shown under select community, what should I do?

Try searching by zip code and set the within button to 50 miles. If the community you are interested in is listed, it will show up in this search. (Sometimes community names are misspelled or entered incorrectly.)
You can also try leaving the community search field blank to see all listed communities in a particular city.
If you leave both the community and city fields blank, you can pick the state you want and get a listing for the entire state- warning- this is a large list.

I still can't find the community. What should I do now?

If you want to list an apartment or sublet opportunity, press the Apartment/Community not listed bar (lower right on the screen) and you can add a new community.
If you are searching for a place in a community not listed, it means no one from there has posted yet. Check back to see if someone adds a listing.

It looks like the community I was searching for is listed twice, what should I do?

If it actually is the same community with two listings under slightly different names (Eastlawn Arms and Eastlawn Arms Apartments), you might want to list or request alerts on both communities. Just make sure that they are the same community and not just a similarly named complex in the same city. You are not limited in the number of alerts you can request (see alerts below).

What is a property ID and how do I find it?

A property ID is a shortcut directly to a particular property. It is meant to save searching time by taking you directly to a specific listing. This is useful if you are rechecking an area you've already searched for once. Property IDs appear for specific locations after a search. Look in the property information section-- the property ID will appear there.

The city or community I am looking for isn't listed, what should I do?

At the bottom right of the Search window and the Search Results window, there is a button that says: Apartment/community not listed? send request to add here. Click the button and you will then have a chance to add your community or city. You will need the physical address of the community and other information for us to add it.

Adding a referral or sub-lease

Why do I have to register to add a referral or sub-lease?

When you add a referral or sub-lease, you will want to hear from interested renters. You have to register so we can connect potential renters with you.

My city or community isn't listed, what should I do?

At the bottom right of the Search window and the Search Results window, there is a button that says: Apartment/community not listed? send request to add here. Click the button and you will then have a chance to add your community or city. You will need the physical address of the community and other information for us to add it.

How long does it take for an added community or city to be put on IntroIn?

It can vary. Right now, it can take 4 to 6 weeks. This allows us to verify information submitted and provide details about the community.

What's the difference between a referral and a sub-lease?

A referral is when you want to recommend an apartment or community. It is meant for existing renters to get new renters into a complex. Often, the community management company will pay a finder's fee for this.
A sub-lease is when an existing lease is offered to a new tenant. This sometimes happens when a renter wants to move early and doesn't want to be penalized by the landlord. It may also arise when an apartment is going to be otherwise vacant (as when an extended trip is planned or a sabbatical). Any situation where a renter wishes to pass on a lease before the lease expires would be considered a sub-lease.

When adding a referral or sublease, what does 'total value' and 'I will give' mean?

Total value is the amount you are getting from your apartment management company when you refer someone successfully. The 'I will give' box is the amount you are willing to give a potential renter as an incentive to rent through you.

When I try to add a referral, I get an error that prevents me from saving it...

Check and see if you have filled out all the required fields. You have to enter numbers in the 'total value box' and the 'I will give box' (even if the number is zero). You also have to check the box that says you agree to the terms of service.

What does 'also refer you for' mean?

Sometimes, utility and other service companies give gift cards or incentives for referrals. This is where you can check those that you are offering along with the normal referral. This can add incentive for potential renters to choose your listing.

My Account Page

How do I see the private message board from My Activities page?

Press the Details button for whichever activity you are interested in. The private message board will come up.

Do you release my email address to people who inquire about a rental I have listed?

No. Communications are filtered through IntroIn. Messages are passed through the private message board. Please review our privacy policy.

How do I get remove someone from my activities listing?

You can press the cancel button for any activity you need to. This will stop messaging services, but old messages will still be available for review.

Discuss details/ private message page

I posted a message but didn't get a response yet, why is that?

It can happen for any of a number of reasons. This is not a chat client, messages are posted as they are entered, but users aren't always available or online when you are posting. Be patient.
It may also happen that an interested party loses interest, finds another place or just gets tied up in their daily lives and puts off responding.

If I repost the same message, what happens?

Another notification is sent, depending on how the other person's account is set up. If they have enabled email notifications and messages, they will get another email. Don't abuse this. Repeated or harassing emails violate our terms of service and can get you removed from the site.

Add a new community
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